New York Socia Diary, The Art Set: Au revoir, Paris / par Charlie Scheips

I met my host Ralph Loeffler for a reception at Nose [] — the amazing fragrance boutique cofounded by Nicholas Cloutier a couple of years ago on the rue Bachaumont in the 2nd arrondissement. The Québécoise Cloutier is not only good-looking and stylish, but brilliant.

He has created a database of over 6000 fragrances and one spends about 15 minutes on an iPad mini answering questions about one’s preferences for fragrances and after two stages of blind smell tests four fragrances are isolated that are available in the shop and that best fit one’s preferences.

My selections were sprayed on the top of my two hands and wrists and then Nicholas encouraged me to go have a glass of wine and a few cigarettes and let the scents react to my skin chemistry. 15 minutes later I had decided I didn’t like the two on my left hand but loved both on my right. I ended up with Floris’s Santal — which now is my favorite cologne!

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