Nicolas Cloutier

His perfume: Tam Dao (by Diptyque), 07 (by Odin), and Oh, ooOoh...oh (by Miller and Bertaux)

Biography : President and co-founder of NOSE, Nicolas is French Canadian and has been based in Paris since 2004. He has worked in management consulting in more than 20 countries around the world. He is a visionary and he set the basis for this innovative model back in December 2009, on the premise that the primary focus should be on the people rather than fragrance products.

Romano Ricci

His perfumeNot a Perfume (by Juliette has a Gun)

Biography : Before he launched Juliette Has a Gun in 2006, Romano’s first passion were speed sports. He passionately invested time and effort in becoming a race driver, racing in famous contests such as “Les 24h du Mans”. But his heart belonged to another world. Today, the creative Mister Ricci succesfully runs Juliette has a Gun, designing products and fragrances himself in a style that he likes to name “tradition with a zest of provocation”. To him perfume should always be an emblem of style and originality.

Mark Buxton

His perfume: Wood & Absinth (by Mark Buxton Perfumes)

Biography: With 20 years of collaboration with major players such as LVMH, COTY, L’OREAL, PUIG, P&G, INTERPARFUM, CARTIER etc., Mark is today one of the most famous perfumers in the world. Born in Germany to English/German parents, he is based in Paris with his wife and two sons, Miles and Davis. Other than working on his new perfume line and Nose, he enjoys cooking, fast driving and listening to music.

Silvio Levi

His perfume : Roboris, (by Cale Fragranze d’Autore)

Biography : Silvio Levi is one of the leading experts in Artistic Perfumery. He has been the co-founder of meetings such as Fragranze since 2003, Masterpieces from 2005 to 2008, and Esxcence (The Scent of Excellence) in Milan since 2009. He graduated in chemistry, worked in the pharmaceutical industry until 1995 when he left the sciences to join the management of his family business where he became the President of Cale Srl; a Distribution Company established in 1955, and the owner of a shop in Milan. He is also the owner and co-creator of each of the fragrances by the brand Cale Fragranze d’Autore.

Antoine Calmus

Son parfumFeuilles de Tabac (by Miller Harris)

Biography : Antoine has more than ten years of experience as a statistician specialized in data mining and data models. He is the mastermind behind the NOSE diagnostic tool and more generally, all fun elements such as computers! He discovered the fragrance world when joining NOSE and is now teaching us about fragrances.

Claire Delahaye de Villers

Her perfumeDevil in Disguise (by Mark Buxton Perfumes)

Biography : Claire has always had a passion for scents and flavors thanks to her experience in wine and cuisine. She is currently working in the field of perfume creation and is captivated by niche perfumes, reflecting for her an artistic sensibility and a taste for unique things.

Didier Negiar

His perfume : Trèfle Pur (by Atelier Cologne)

Biography : Didier has a mathematic and economic background, five years of experience in small businesses, 20 years of consulting at Mckinsey with the direction of the department Bank Insurance, Operations management of important teams (3000 people in large organizations such as La Poste), and currently entrepreneur.