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Silphium Silphium
Stora Skuggan


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The perfume is inspired by the mythical plant with the same name, which was the highest valued spice during the classical antiquity – more precious than both cinnamon and saffron. The plant was so sought after it was eventually harvested to extinction about 1 500 years ago and was lost in time.
The lost scent of Silphium is recreated using a novel combination of herb aroma chemicals, the molecules which are the fragrant building blocks of likely relatives to Silphium. This is set against a warm background of ancient incense, selected spices, wood and leather. The bottle design interprets the inscription from ancient Cyrenean coins.

Families : woody , floral

Head notes : cistus
Heart notes : cinnamon, clove, geranium, ginger, black pepper, rose, tobacco
Base notes : cedar, leather, incense, myrrh

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    By irene gorelik: 2017/07/20
    exoticism from scandinavia
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