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Russian LeatherRussian Leather

Russian Leather

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Fern, Frost, the calling of the forest, lavender, echo, large herds of reindeer, basil, without compass, guided by the song of the thrush, the race, at the foot of a rosemary mat, to lookout, clary sage, by -48 degrees, courage, mint, passion ... from the vastness suddenly came a caravan, tonka bean, without a sound, patchouli, snow blue sea palace ice, cedars, magic, hand on the knife, lichen, always ready to fight, leather wolves, proud, Siberian smile.

Families : fougere , woody

Head notes : basil, coriander, mint, rosemary
Heart notes : cypress, nutmeg, ozone, clary sage, lavandin
Base notes : cedar, leather, patchouli, pine, tonka, gayac wood

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