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Patchouly d'Etro Eau de ParfumPatchouly d'Etro Eau de Parfum

Patchouly d'Etro Eau de Parfum

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When the patchouli arrives for the first time in England in the nineteenth century, this fragrance becames immediately the top of the top, desserve for the intellectuals and the high Victorian bourgeoisie. At the same time in Paris, precious cashmere are sold in boxes filled with its leaves, which protect from mites, and above all, permeate the fabric of exotic sensuality.
Symbol of a certain idea of the East, which for centuries, embroiders the dreams of explorers along the roads leading from Europe to China, South India, Thailand, Madagascar and Indonesia, where the land is still cultivated this plant with its extraordinary balancing properties.

Families : oriental , woody

Head notes : lemon
Heart notes : patchouli, indonesian patchouli, labdanum
Base notes : tolu balm, cedar, musk, sandalwood, tonka, vanilla

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