Sidonie Lancesseur


A summer internship at Robertet in Grasse and Sidonie Lancesseur’s vocation was revealed: she will become a perfumer! After studying at ISIPCA in Versailles, she joined Robertet’s composition House in 2004 as an assistant perfumer. Two years later, she became a perfumer under the supervision of Michel Almairac . He shares his knowledge with her and passes on the taste for short formulas where each raw material has its raison d'être.

Sensitive to woody notes like patchouli and vetiver which remind her of her childhood country house, she does not hesitate to confront other natural raw materials offering multiple facets to her perfumer’s palette.

INCENSE OUD - A dark incense, a stunning composition of modernity, yet built on the duality of two primeval scents - Incense and Oud. Incense, perfume of the mystics, whose smoke was said to be one of the links between mortals and gods, is combined with Oud from Cambodia, Rose from Turkey, Cardamom from Guatemala and Labdamum, giving birth to a dark and mysterious scent.

Perfumes created by Sidonie Lancesseur