Shelagh Foyle


After a few years spent in the laboratories - Yardley of London, Shelagh Foyle integrates Givaudan, one of the largest fragrance houses in the world where she spent some time training in the perfumery school in Switzerland. She gained extensive knowledge of the many exquisite ingredients used as the building blocks of perfumes. Then back to directing perfumery creation, for one of the oldest familiy owned houses headquartered in Grasse - Robertet. During this period, she was elected President of the British Society of Perfumers. Now, she is able to bring her beautiful experience to Floris to help re-establish the tradition of bespoke perfumery.

Shelagh Foyle has the privilege of being the head perfumer of a family owned company with a history of creating fragrances for nearly three hundred years. Her role is to interpret the Floris signature whilst adding her own style. She likes to use a palate of raw, powerful and distinctive ingredients to create accords that make the fragrances individual, evoke memories, tell stories and make people smile.

PALM SPRINGS - Hollywood in the 50', in collaboration with the fashion house of Spencer Hart, Floris delivers its own version of a lost Palm Springs, with bergamot, petitgrain and Californian orange notes, exalted by a floral heart composed of neroli, ylang-ylang, carnation and lavender. The amber and musky base is build around vanilla and patchouli, giving a sensual and smoky body to the scent.

Perfumes created by Shelagh Foyle