Romano Ricci


Romano Ricci is a self-taught and instinctive perfumer who learned perfume by working 7 years in perfumery in the side of prestigious perfumers like Francis Kurkdjian or Isabelle Maillebiau. In 2007, he embarked on the adventure by creating "Juliette Has A Gun", an exclusively feminine fragrances’ brand where each juice is a seduction lesson. Romano Ricci is also a co-founder of nose.

For Romano Ricci, the fragrance is an asset of seduction that defines a style as much as a personality. He offers a creative, intelligent and firmly feminine fragrance, adding new weapons and a dash of provocation to the world of the traditional perfumery.

ANYWAY - A simple and original formula. Just fifteen ingredients, going right back to basics, only keeping the best. A blend of musks, woods and citrus notes… come together in a bright, subtle and persistent trail.  Far from an anonymous scent “Anyway” is a signature fragrance, ready to unite with the feminine as much as the masculine.

Perfumes created by Romano Ricci