Patricia Choux


At 10 years old and quite randomly, Patricia Choux came face to face with the perfumery world in Grasse, Worldwide perfume’s motherland, and never leave it since this date. Over time and meetings, She creates successful creations for different brands such as Biehl and "Perfume Attache-Moi", making the alternative perfumery her favourite ground of creation.

Patricia Choux’s olfactive signature could be describe by this motto “Requirement and Determination” which perfeclty matches with the strong temperament of this marathon runner. According to her, the olfactory viewing and work of reflection is essential to the work of a perfumer as much as determination, the ultimate promise of a quality work.

ATTACHE MOI 55 - New York, The 55th street... A fragrance that looks like the contrast between shadow and light which finds its way through Manhattan’s towers. The sweetness of a floral print summons the Osmanthus, jasmine, iris and rose, with a more animalistic base composed of cedar greyamber and woody notes.

Perfumes created by Patricia Choux