Paolo Vranjes


Paolo Vranjes better known as Dr. Vranjes is a pharmacist, chemist, cosmetologist, but above all translator of emotions into olfactory delights. His grandfather was a silk trader with a passion for essences, and as a child he would watch him in the room where he kept his collection of perfumes which he searched for on his travels around the world. Paolo Vranjes was enraptured by that universe of rare, transparent bottles with their unusual, evocative scents, and he was fascinated by the secrets they held within them. He founded the Antica Officina del Farmicista, in Florence, in 1983 ; this is where he creates his unique fragrances and more. 

His home fragrances are inspired by the fine architecture of Florence, a unique tradition in the distillation of essences and perfumes and a large combination of innovative technology and scents. A treasure chest of fragrances inviting you to reawaken long forgotten memories, most of them are derived directly from local Florentine plants and flowers... Wandering around the Antica Officina del Farmacista you will be seduced by the harmonious alchemy of emotions, research, and inspiration, the core ingredients necessary for the fine art of creating fragrances.

OUD NOBILE - Choosen from the best quality of Oud essential oil, Dr. Vranjes Firenze sapiently blends it with the freshness of Bergamot and the elegance of Neroli giving birth to his latest sublime creation: Oud Nobile. Adding precious notes of Myrr and INcense, the scent enhances the warmth and the enchantment of Oud while revealing its mysterious heart. 

Perfumes created by Paolo Vranjes