Olivier Pescheux


After his flawless career that led him to work at Givaudan, Olivier Pescheux improves his expertise like a composer working on his melody over time. In 2010, he received the International Award of Perfume, a reward for his creativity and ambition.

Olivier Pescheux is capable of translating any kind of ambiance into a scent. According to him, authenticity is a very important value. His creations are based on the authenticity of his olfactory memories. His secret is to explore the potential of synthetic formulas and combine them with natural ones to discover new olfactory harmonies.

Eau Plurielle – Diptyque. The rose and the ivy, emblematic plants of Diptyque mind, united in a singular accord, tender and green at the same time, an inspired duo, radiant freshness. Eau Plurielle, a rare water for multiple uses. It is a link that delicately perfumes skin, tissue and body. 

Perfumes created by Olivier Pescheux