Mark Buxton


Native from England, Mark Buxton first studied in Hambourg before falling in love with Paris, where he has been living for 20 years. Mark is hedonist above all, wine connoisseur, he also has cooking talents and a sensitive approach to Art Deco style. Perfumer-Creator, he has now been creating fine fragrances for more than 25 years. He specially collaborated with international fragrances houses which are part of the market leaders.

An impertinent interpretation of perfumery and the will to share a new emotional language. Mark Buxton Perfumes translated a refined universe but with an astonishing modernity-avant-garde but aesthetical - feminine or masculine, structured and sensual...with a rock vibration. His handwritting in perfumery is short, direct and leaves traces. A free style, which offers a place for imagination.

Because Perfume is emotion transformed in molecules... Collection  is a puzzle of sensations, a concentrate of intimate moments and easily close to a similar experience each of us should have had. Collection...expresses the most intense pieces of ecstasy. A simple, yet deet connection to each sensitivity as a common language.. No needs for words, just a trip of high sensations.

MARE PACIFICO - Linari, dives us into the Pacific Ocean’s depth. A salty and lively fragrance, dress-up with a refreshing bouquet where marine notes blend with acidulous accords. A woody heart composed of sandalwood, Russian birch leaves, cypress essential oils and Mate absolute that turn the fragrance greener while rose and patchouli confer it all its sensuality. Mare Pacifico is dress-up with a minimalistic small bottle and a wengé hood, Linari’s signature. A scent signed by Mark Buxton, perfumer renowned for its mystical, subversive and provocative creations.

Perfumes created by Mark Buxton