Louise Turner


Roots planted in the Kent of her childhood, Louise Turner creates fragrances in tune with his memory. She discovered perfumery almost by chance. A job that was temporary, became for her a unique way of expressing her memories and bring to bottle all her inspirations.

His father was a chemist and the memories she keeps are olfactory. The wood, the smell of a cigarette, the beginning of a gallery that makes of his childhood home the beginning of her inspiration. But far from merely cut grass or honeysuckle of his early summers, the imagination of Louise Turner is inspired by everything, able to put the idea of a texture or a cloth in a bottle!

Réminiscence d’une peau soyeuse, de draps de lin froissés et de l’odeur rassurante d’un linge frais.Une ode au blanc, symbole d’intemporalité et de pureté. Une écriture épurée et élégante évoquant les douces effluves d’un linge propre grace aux aldéhydes sur un cœur floral musqué.


Perfumes created by Louise Turner