Lorenzo Villoresi


After important collaborations with the fashion world, Lorenzo Villoresi created his first perfume line thus continuing with the long tradition of Italian perfumers. Teint de Neige, Alamut or Piper Nigrum are some of the creations which bear his signature. Honored, in  2006 with the Prix François Coty, an award given to artist perfumers for both their past and recent works. In addition to the books he has written about perfumery, Lorenzo Villoresi is involved in Pitti Immagine's Fragranze  conferences and participated in the founding of L’Academia dell’Arte del Profumo in Florence.

Influenced by his travels in the Middle East, he likes to create oriental fragrances with notes of exotic spices, amber and incense. Wild about aromatic woods, he is particularly fond of sandalwood. His native Italy still remains an inspiration in his creation and it is at the gates of Florence, in his country house, where he finds the so typical scent of his country: laurel, lemon and orange blossom, thyme, rosemary, sage, basil, parsley, savory and much more.


AURA MARIS MARE NOSTRUM - The sea breeze gently brushing the ocean waves, with the aromas from the Mediterranean shrubs. The tingling fragrance of the salty foam, the sunlit reflections of citrus fruits, the golden rays of the sun on a glimmering sea.



Perfumes created by Lorenzo Villoresi