James Heeley


Born in England, James Heeley studied philosophy and aesthetics at King's College, University of London. Inspired by the elements of nature, designer James Heeley gradually moved towards the world of perfume in a spontaneous and organic way. It was in France, through his creative work that the young Englishman discovered how perfumes are made and how their codes work. His first fragrance Menthe Fraîche (2006) is a stylistic exercise where mint becomes contemporary, elegant and easy to wear.

Today, the collection takes shape according to the evolution of his self-taught work, in keeping with the traditional art of French perfumery. James Heeley’s know-how is found in the detail and consistency: the fragrance creation, the graphic design, the box. In Europe, Heeley is now one of the rare luxury perfume Houses led by its founder. This independence is a guarantee of creative freedom.

COCCOBELLO - Set along the shores of a sun-drenched island, fresh morning dew settles on green palm leaves. Light notes of Tahitian gardenia come and go with the rhythm of a transparent, silent sea. Bountiful and bronzed, a warm body bathed in coconut stretches out over fine white sand, shaded by notes of Virginian cedar wood.

Perfumes created by James Heeley