Fabrice Pellegrin


Perfumer like his father, Fabrice Pellegrin began to create perfumes a long time ago before joining fragrances houses. He regularly collaborates with diptyque for which he created the oriental perfum L'Eau Duelle. He devotes himself to niche perfumery in which he truly believes. That's why he is confident that the future will be synonymous of the return of more sophisticated perfumes.

His inspiration comes from natural raw materials : wood, spices or amber... these notes raise new emotions and give to his creations a strong signature.

GERANIUM ORODATA - Fabrice Pellegrin pays tribute to the Geranium flower, the rose’s cousin and partner of great pinters such as Claude Monet and Paul Cézanne. This rustic water with multiple aspects reveals itself as a fresh, radiant, lively and elegant scent.

Perfumes created by Fabrice Pellegrin