Calice Becker


Calice Becker is a one of the most talented signature, able to create bestsellers and niche fragrances. French origin, she lives and works in New York for eighteen years. J'adore for Dior, it's hers, Intoxicated for Kilian, too. This is with this kind of splits that we can measure Calice Becker capacity to be inspired by everything she encounters, by her travels and her history.

Her vocation was to become a doctor but Calice Becker guided her way to the welfare of souls. Guided by the creations of the artists she loves, she draws her inspiration in painting, music, or even baking and sommellerie. Her style is transformed by her meetings but she plays with notes of bitter orange that never leave her.

INTOXICATED - An olfactive dependence, an essential narcotic, a means of escape, a craving. An overwhelming desire aroused and gratified by Kilian's new fragrance collection, leaving you in a daze of fulfilled stupefaction. An obsessive luxurious withdrawal into your own secret world of dreams and fantasy, an artificial paradise of heightened sensations, brillant colours and untamed beauty. Dangerous thoughts, captivating scents, exquisite ingredients and oils. Perfume to light blood and ignite fantasies in your mind. Intimate, exotic, spectacular : perfume to blow the mind.

Perfumes created by Calice Becker