Interview with BERTRAND DUCHAUFOUR / "Never mistaking simplicity for facility"

NOSE Your motto?

BD Never mistaking simplicity for facility. It's a common mistake, a good fragrance can be simple, which doesn't mean it is easy. For example, a fragrance that is clear and easy to capture is often quite complex, I want to stress that. Actually that motto applies to the rest of my life. It stays true when it comes to character, the things of everyday life, Starting new endeavors, life as a whole.

NOSE What inspires you?

BD I often find nature to be inspiring, in all its diversity. Direct smells, earth, fruits, la plane, the scent that comes off when you're in the middle of a market where nature is everywhere. The scents that I find inspiring are always related to nature in some form or another. But also girls, interiors, the city, its humidity: a city like New York can have high humidity, or Paris where the percentage depends on the Seine.

There are also the strong smells of northern Europe. Sweden, Norway, places with roofs made of wooden shingles covered in Birch-Tar for

isolation. The combination creates a smell that   is typical of these countries.

NOSE The Perfumer that was the greatest inspiration for you and why?

BD Roudnitska – for creating such strong accords. Guy Robert who worked for Chanel. He makes wonderful fragrances like 19 by Chanel

NOSE What makes a great perfume?

BD The accord has to be strikingly original and the perfume must be instantly recognizable. Once your nose caught it, it won't let go.

NOSE Raw materials you enjoy working with the most?

BD Davana oil (extracted from the syrupy plant), Immortelle (also known as Helichrysum or Everlasting Flower) of course, Agarwood, Mimosa, Ylang-ylang

NOSE What was your first encounter with perfume?

BD A girlfriend when I was 17, she wore Chanel N° 19. 

When I was 20 I gave a bottle of Fleur de Rocaille to my first great love.

NOSE Your greatest pride?

BD Timbuktu and Dzonghka for Artisan Parfumeur, Eau d’Italie (the first)

NOSE Your next creation (The content if he can't name the fragrance)?

BD A very powerful leathery note for Penhaligon’s and for another brand a fragrance with frangipani absolute.