Antoine Lie


From North East France, Antoine cultivates since his childhood a particular interest for the world of smells. After studies of chemistry, he joined the prestigious Givaudan school in Grasse where he kept going his olfactive training. He stayed there until 2011 before joining the fragrance society Takasago.

Antoine Lie likes allying contradictory materials and creating surprise. Creator of 888 from Comme des Garçons, Contradiction from Calvin Klein or still Paul Smith London, he found a kind of olfactive freedom in his creation in working with Etat Libre d’Orange for whom he composed several fragrances.

SULPHUR - Nu-be continues its search of origins and introduce us to its brand-new born. We are immersed in an animalic and dangerous world that sharpens our most primary instincts. An earthy, teeming, bubbling fragrance that remains a volcanic fire and transports us in a deep, intense and surnatural universe made of ochre colour…

Perfumes created by Antoine Lie