Aliénor Massenet


A culturally diverse childhood : hungarian origins, an aunt who is a painter, grand parents in pharmacy and many trips abroad: Alienor uses her nose with a lot of devotion. As a child she was already training herself to recognize the scent of people in the subway. In 1995, she works for IFF New York and currently she works for the IFF in Paris. 

Aliénor Massenet is fond of mixing raw materials that are in contrast with each other. Her signature raw materials are labdanum and myrrh, but always in different proportions. They each have a mystical dimension which correspond to her personality.  

Ilha do Mel - MEMO of the collection Graines Vagabondes. The memory of a love affair on a Brazilian island that lends itself to all fantasies and dreams.  

Perfumes created by Aliénor Massenet