"The creation of fragrances corresponds to a wall under construction, where we constantly add stones, some of which crumble or disappear forever. The mission of the master perfumer is to add a distinctive stone, so unforgettable that it becomes eternal" - this is how the Anglo-German perfumer Mark Buxton presents his own creative work.

Not only has Mark Buxton created fragrances for more than 25 years, collaborating with the most renowned perfumery houses : he is also a hedonist, wine connoisseur, talented cook, with a passion for antiquities, especially for art deco style.

The harmony of his compositions joins the refinement of the selected raw materials, giving rise to a collection of 8 exceptional fragrances, whose coating has just been reinvented: coated in black, both inside and outside, these new bottles extend the life of these exclusive formulas by making them timeless.

Discover below the new elegant wardrobe of this fragrance collection, whose inspiration ranges from NYC night clubs to gardens in Normandy, Italian terraces in summer, close encounters with kind ghosts…