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Your eyes revited on the sky, the desert is forgotton. Tuberose is your star and your shepherd. There will be mystery, the infinite hidden behind the decore, silence beneath the cacti. As the milky wayblazes an azure trail, you fly by so quickly; the road, half-cedar, half-sandalwood, rises before you. Monolithic shadows come to greet you, sculptures or dream-like rocky mountains, their worlds intertwining. You know how to stop the wind, meld musk with the strident and striped color of neon light, lift the dust from orange blossom. No matter whether you're oppressed by the heat, drunk, driven by memories. Guided by the final gleam of ylang ylang, you take the hand of vanille. Here you life becomes a story.

Families : floral , fruity

Head notes : orange blossom, mandarin, sugar
Heart notes : tuberose, ylang-ylang
Base notes : cedar, vanilla pod, white musk, sandalwood

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