Libri, new ambiance trigger by ZENOLOGY x MENDO /

Today, Thursday, June 8th, the exclusive launch of Libri takes place in the Mendo bookstore and in 10 boutiques selected worldwide. Nose is pleased to be part of this selection.

This new fragrance is the result of a collaboration between ZENOLOGY and the established Dutch bookshop MENDO. The latter is described as a "candy shop" for fine books aicionados.
Both the store in the 9 Streets in Amsterdam and the award-winning online store are frequented by book lovers around the globe. What they find at is a constantly changing, meticulously curated collection of books on fashion, photography, interior, graphic design, lifestyle, food and traveling. 

For the design of the Amsterdam flagship store MENDO teamed up Concrete Architectural Associates. Concrete came up with a simple, but brilliant idea: a bookstore, made from books. The walls are not made of bricks, but of thousands of black books. The intimacy of the scenery, combined with the stunning publications by some of the best publishers in the world, has made one of the most unique and inspiring stores in the Netherlands.

In this fragrance, the soul of a book, the ink and paper on which it is printed have been captured.

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