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"an evocative experience, the quintessence of memories, of stories within stories"


Tola was created by Dhaher Bin Dhaher in the United Arabs Emirates on the 10th of May 2010. Tola by definition is a unit of measure that predates the metric system. In the year 1833, it was equal to the mass of a silver rupee (11,7 grams). Now, it is only used to measure rare and precious items. But, Tola is more than just a measurement; than just a perfume. Tola is the embodiement of memories. Each fragrances tells an age-old story and invites new tales to be woven with every lingering notes. Tola embarks on its alchemical journey with a set of six evocative fragrances. Each scent was enthused by its own tale and these perfumes rouse feelings with each story. 

Dhaher Bin Dhaher is the founder of Tola. He was first introduced to perfurmery by his mother. Like many others in the Gulf, she practiced the art of mixing perfume oils and creating bukhoor (perfumed agarwood for incense) in a secret tradition that had been passed on throughout generations. As perfumery is deeply embedded within the Arabian culture, his interest never waned. As the years have passed, his appreciation for the craft has only grown stronger. Dhaher spent years traveling around the world experimenting scents and new ingredients, until each fragrance was perfected.

Tola emerged from a desire to share one of his most cherished childhood memories: spending time with his mother and sister as they made bukhoor and perfumed oils.With the aromatic mixture of crushed herbs, flowers and oil still fresh in the creator memories, he reflects fondly on those times. "She filled our home with a rich bouquet of smell that unmistakably embodied her passion, spirit and love. I want to capture some of that passion for a perfection and share it with the world by creating a line of fragrances inspired by the traditional origins and modern aspirations of our daily lives" says Dhaher.