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The Different Company

Because we believe that being Different is the ultimate luxury.


Representing the contemporary’s Haute Perfumery by designing exceptional fragrances  contained in genuine works of art. It is in this spirit that The Different Company was born in 2000, as a new trail to the olfactive perfection, modern, unique and intoxicating.

A unique signature in the contemporary Haute Perfumery’s world, a brand that like to play with codes, a variation that would compose on the excellence of the products, this is how Jean-Claude Elena and Thierry de Baschmakoff imagined The different Company. In order for the ultimate luxury to become the reflection of the difference.

Several talents gave birth to The Different Company’s House. First of all, Céline Elena, as a worthy descendant, who signed many creations and collaborated with Thierry de Baschmakoff on some of the fragrances. Jean Claude Ellena put some of his memories on a bottle for The Different Company. Finally, Bertrand Duchaufour, bring back some ideas from his travels, some instant of lives that now has became fragrances.