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Susanne Kaufmann

"Uncompromisingly natural. Consistently results- oriented"


As a little girl Susanne Kaufmann learned about the healing powers of herbs through her grandmother. At the age of 23, in 1993, she took over her family’s Hotel Post in Bezau, Austria. There she began to develop the Spa of the hotel with her own botanical treatments and skin care. The line was further developed together with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists and in 2003 she launched her skin care line. 

Susanne Kaufmann organic treats are composed of locally sourced active plant ingredients that originate from the rich alpine flora of the Bregenz Forest. Precious flower essences, energy rich oils and herbal extracts from Chamomile, Sage and St John’s Wort that are known for their nourishing and regenerative properties. All ingredients are 100% natural, dermatologically tested, preserved on a plant basis and perfumed with non- allergenic fragrances. 

Susanne Kaufmann was born and raised in the local capital of the picturesque Bregenz Forest in Bezau where she cultivated her passion for it’s natural surroundings and alpine flora. When she took over the family business of Hotel Post in 1993, the hotel was transformed into a modern spa and gourmet hotel collaborating with her brother and architect Oskar Leo Kaufmann.