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Stora Skuggan

Feeding your mind invisible messages by volatile molecules


Stora Skuggan is a perfume brand from Sweden (Stockholm) founded by the creation studio Collect & Bottle (5 founders). Originally, the studio worked on the creation of fragrances for different brands and in 2015 the group launched its own perfume brand in order to express their creativity. All aspects of the product are managed in-house, from fragrance formulation to packaging and production.

Stora Skuggan means "the big shadow" in Swedish and is also the name of a well-known park in the center of Stockholm. This name was chosen because their fragrances find their inspiration in stories combining myth and reality. The first perfume of the brand, "Fantôme de Maules", is inspired by a creature wandering in the forest of Maules in Switzerland. As for "Silphium", this fragrance was born from the desire to recreate a mysterious spice dating from antiquity that has now disappeared.

An old friendship of more than 10 years is at the origin of this "olfactive quintet " that met during their studies. After a few years of dedication to their respective careers Martin N., Jonas N., Tomas H., Olle H. and Andrea G. grouped together to found this studio of perfume creation (Collect & Bottle). With the refined "Scandinavian slow life" style from the "Kinfolk" current, this collective innovates and signs with the brand Stora Skuggan two first opus.