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Project Renegades

It's the far West!


The Renegade Project, created in 2016, is the fruit of the collaboration between Mark Buxton, Geza Schoen and Bertrand Duchaufour, three independent perfumers who had already made solid names for themselves within traditional perfumery before deciding to break free from its conventions. The result of their union is three explosive perfumes inspired by the Far West, created with unrestricted creativity yet careful diligence. 

When it comes to perfumes, Mark, Geza and Bertrand are certainly trigger-happy. Each of them brings an impressive track record, and together they form a fiery mix that combines each individual’s savoir-faire and wild passion. They come from different backgrounds and have their own visions of the perfume that represents them the best. What’s left to figure out is the who’s who between the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…

When the cavalry of the Renegades seize the laboratory there are no limits to their creative process. Nothing stops them from looting excessively expensive natural notes and using them in their creations. These olfactory outlaws know no boundaries and are unrestrained by conventional practice!