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One of Those

Perfumes that speak of the universe through a set of primordial elements


oneofthose started in Parma (Italy) in 2011 thanks to Fluid Ounce, a new perfume company. Alberto Borri, Serena Ghidini and Andrea Giammetti seek scents that “make people think” and connect different creative voices. They want perfumes to be “a mindful means to activate memories and relationships”, which “provoke action” faithful to “intrepid lines of personal expression”.

Alberto Borri is Fluid Ounce founder. He cultivates a deep olfactive culture and an intimate love for scents, thanks to its strong family tradition. His grandfather was the creator of Morris Profumi. To shape oneofthose he collaborated with the perfumers Françoise Caron, Antoine Lie, Sylvie Fischer and Nicolas Bonneville, who interpreted the elements of an “olfactory periodic table” in the making.