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« A trendsetter »


ODIN, chief God in Norse mythology, better known as the Lord of wisdom and victory, travels the world seeking knowledge. Two ravens as his eyes and ears explore the world, broadening his reach to exotic destinations and inspiring him to unendingly recreate himself. And from ODIN’S search comes six unisex fragrances of amber liquid inspired by fascinating foreign places: 01 Sunda, 02 Owari, 03 Century, 04 Petrana, 06 Amanu, 07 Tanoke, 08 Seylon, 09 Posala, 10 Roam, and 11 Semma.

KEVIN JAMES VERSPOOR is a perfume master. His avid interests in botany and cocktail mixology play an integrate role in his fragrance creations.  He loves to marry raw materials to create modern but classically inspired fragrances. Collector of old bottles, his touch is in 03 Century beside Delphine Jelk (09 Posala), Corine Cachen (07 Tanoke), Philippe Romano (08 Seylon, 11 Semma) and Jean-Claude Delville (04 Petrana).

Odin proposes 5 new candles directly inspired from its perfumes, 02 Owari, 04 Petrana, 07 Tanoke, 08 Seylon, 09 Posala. Those Fragrances come straight from Norse mythology to hover, like the two ravens responsible for offering men the essence of poetry, between the men’s world and the divine legends. Citrus, fruity, woody, floral, or vetiver, each candle is presented in a black translucent glass with a cast cover which also serves as a base, the slate-colored wax is poured by hand.

00 AURIEL -  A rich, animalic and unisex woody accord of Oud that opens on notes of blackcurrant and evolves into a floral heart of rose, jasmin and lily of the valley.