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"Symbiosis between seductive fragrance and pure design."


The LINARI Eau de Parfums are created using the finest raw materials, resulting in a combination of superior quality and a high olfactory complexity. Each fragrance has been created with the close cooperation of top international perfumers Mark Buxton and Egon Oelkers. Highly concentrated, the LINARI Eau de Parfums are dedicated to the people who enjoy individualisation and consider aesthetics and beauty as necessity.

MAURICE ROUCEL - Based in Paris, self-taught French master perfumer Maurice Roucel is one of the most admired perfume designers of the contemporary world. Acknowledged with awards and widely acclaimed for his versatility and freedom of style in creating brilliant fragrances, he truly believes in beauty and sensuality.
 Maurice's style:

 His unique signature is streamlined, fearless and courageous creations, in which he retains only what is essential.

MARE PACIFICO - Linari, dives us into the Pacific Ocean’s depth. A salty and lively fragrance, dress-up with a refreshing bouquet where marine notes blend with acidulous accords. A woody heart composed of sandalwood, Russian birch leaves, cypress essential oils and Mate absolute that turn the fragrance greener while rose and patchouli confer it all its sensuality. Mare Pacifico is dress-up with a minimalistic small bottle and a wengé hood, Linari’s signature. A scent signed by Mark Buxton, perfumer renowned for its mystical, subversive and provocative creations.