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Keiko Mecheri

“I follow my own intuition of what defines a fragrance”


Over the past decade, Keiko Mecheri has developed many innovative concept perfumes and has worked with top noses to consult and create dinstinctive, exclusive perfumes that continue to cut through the clutter of the thousands of fragrances introduced each year. The compositions are olfactive narrations and tactile translations - memories, metaphors, fabrics, far-off locations, and juxtapositions of different cultures.

Born in Atami, Japan, a talented painter and pianist, Keiko Mecheri immersed herself in the Arts and thus began her scented path to the 8th Art, perfumery. Keiko Mecheri developed her talent for creating perfumes based on fine art principles, and began developing her innovative line. Keiko Mecheri continually challenges the status quo, by designing and expanding her horizons, and creating fragrances that stand the test of time.

LADY POINTE - inspired by ballet, this new perfume translates a mood, a stage, a fantasy and a new take on clair-obscur: leather and nebulous flowers. The result is a fusion of fragility and feminity with the dark. A fragrance that embodies the powerful allure of dance.