Metal Chypré, the reproduction of the smell of copper /

Romano Ricci, founder of Juliette Has a Gun, wanted to recreate the smell of copper for the new fragrance of the brand's "Luxury" collection.

The result is a dry, leathery amber composition. It is as if the copper melted with the chypre olfactory theme to give birth to a new alloy.

Ductile and malleable, copper is the oldest metal worked by the hand of Man. The word copper shares its etymology (kupros) with Cyprus, because it is on this island of the Mediterranean, nicknamed "the island of a thousand mines", that was discovered the first traces of this precious red ore, in 5000 BC. It was necessary that one day Cyprus returned to... Cyprus.

The fragrance is a remix of a classic accord, it modernizes the interpretation of chypré (bergamot, amber extreme, patchouli), without weakening its character. Union of high perfumery and author perfumery, an alloy of today and yesterday, futuristic bark of a perfume of always, Metal Chypré, or the art of reconciling the cold and the desire for refinement.

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