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Juliette Has a gun

« A catchy brand in the quiet world of perfumery »


From NY to Paris, Tokyo or Sydney… Juliette often intrigues, always surprise. Armed with her perfume, the Shakespearian heroine goes wild. The Gun, metaphor for the perfume, weapon of seduction, or simple accessory of bluff, essentially symbolizes the liberation of women towards men. And sometimes with an aftertaste of revenge… For women only! Created, designed and composed by Romano Ricci, great grandson of Nina Ricci.

Great grandson of Nina Ricci, Romano Ricci runs the “Maison Juliette has a gun” designing the products and composing the fragrances personally. Creating "olfactory portraits", he likes to think about perfumes as an invisible dress. Designed as accessory of seduction, fragrances are for him an essential part of THE game. Tradition with a zest of provocation, Romano is restoring perfumes to what they should always be: emblems of style and originality. 

WHITE SPIRIT - An minimalist, addictive and explosive accord of white flowers with dry woods. Two olfactory worlds collide, and eventually marry on a white bed.