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État libre d'Orange

Perfume is dead, long live perfume!


Since its creation in 2006, Etat Libre d'Orange became an authentic and respected force in the perfume industry. Much of our strength and inspiration comes from our location, which also serves as a metaphor for our philosophy. Etat Libre d’Orange is located on a corner in the center of Paris. We are at the crossroads of all that is exciting and notorious.

Etienne de Swardt is a study in contradictions. He has been called either a subversive genius or a consummate bullshit artist. With seriously creative talents and charm as his stock in trade, this gentle tyrant and smartass optimist has transcended the mundane conformities and banal interpretations of fragrance to instigate an insurrection in the perfume industry.

With REMARKABLE PEOPLE, Etat Libre d'Orange surprises us once again. The brand invites us to discover its sparkling champagne sprinkled with spices. The fragrance is elegant, sweet and sparkling, and has a special characteristic: its simplicity. It's the end of a challenging era; there is no need to boost the prestige of a great person. This is a light and sensual scent.