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DR Harris

"Founded in 1790, D. R. Harris have been purveyors of timeless luxury for over 220 years."


For over two centuries this family business has served the gentry and the court of St James’s. Today in a Victorian setting, D. R. Harris. provides the modern world with a continuity of service and tradition. In 2002 D. R. Harris were granted the Royal Warrant as Chemists to HRH the Prince of Wales and were honoured to be awarded the same by the Queen in 2012.

D. R. Harris scents are timeless and classic in their aroma. Favourites such as Arlington are a unique blend of citrus and fern. Available in both Cologne and Afterhave, Arlington is suitable for Gentlemen both young and old. D. R. Harris’s fragrances evoke old-world charm and understated luxury. 

WINDSOR - To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and in recognition of being granted the Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen, D. R. Harris proudly launched their new range Windsor. Windsor begins with citrus overtones and mellows into a warm, leathery fragrance with notes of vetiver and black pepper. Windsor is available in Aftershave, Cologne, Shaving Cream and Soap, as well as in a Deodorant.