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Dr Bronner

“ALL-ONE our world, our nature, our mission.”


The Bronner family has been making soap  with the aim of finding the product that is ideal both for you and for nature.The family company, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, as it exists in its current form, was founded in the USA in 1948 and is now being run by the third generation of the Bronner family, mindful of the company’s long tradition of integrity and thoroughness. The quality of  work is reflected both in the products and the corporate activities and thinking.

“ALL-ONE our world, our nature, our mission.”  We share the profit we make with those whom we have to thank for it: our employees and, all above all, our nature. For decades Dr Bronner's Magic Soap have managed to make the soap out of the best ingredients that our nature has to offer. Nature offers everything that is good for us. We must simply relearn how to use nature correctly and responsibly. Mike Bronner said: "Just like our grandfather, Dr.Emanuel Bronner, for us it’s about the most naturally pure soap imaginable, which is also a symbol of how each person can truly make a difference in the world.”