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Since 1961, the house promotes a sense of ultimate luxury, uncompromising, which can be felt intuitively. Feeds over scents crossed in childhood or travel memories, real or imagined, fragrances for yourself, art of care or home fragrances are marked by a singular and distinctive olfactory signature. Weaved of the finest raw materials, jostled by the fantasy of an unexpected agreement, the creations are expressed off the beaten track to delight the most loyal insiders and connoisseurs.
At Diptyque, we consider the development of a perfume as a creative act in itself. A perfume should smell good, but without sacrificing the signature, the  olfactory "accident" specific to Diptyque. Dedicated to women and men, the eaux de toilettes reinvent with poetry a sublimated nature or a travel, real or fantasized. Take one of them is to take the risk to cling forever.

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