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Cult Gaia

For beauty, grace, glory, good times, and souls alike there is CULT GAIA.


CULT GAIA launched in 2011 in Los Angeles with whimsical floral crowns and bold printed wire headbands. The brand has developed a cult following of its own, single handedly reinventing the flower crown trend with its garland headpieces. Women across the globe don their CULT GAIA at music festivals, birthday parties, nights out on the town, weddings...anytime, anywhere. 


CULT GAIA is an off kilter, whimsical accessories brand that celebrates the exploration of fantasy, fun, and everyone's inner rebellious charm.  The line consists of eclectic floral crowns, printed wire headbands, bamboo handbags and bridal headpieces. Colliding rebellion, romance, and everyones inner child, CULT GAIA is designed to woo you, and remind you that few things are as profound as nature, beauty, good times and comfort among like minds.