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CREED is one of the oldest fragrance houses along with Gegenüber (Cologne), Galimard (Grasse) and Caswell-Massey (New York). Founded in 1760 and passed down from father to son since. CREED has served more than 10 royal houses and the discerning public for more than 250 years. Among the clients are the Earl of Orsay, Queen Victoria and empress Eugénie. 

CREED fragrances are formulated with the finest essences and contain a large number of natural raw materials. With a long dynasty of seven generations, Olivier Creed (President and perfumer) and Erwin Creed (son and perfumer) are at the head of the brand today and meet the producers themselves to ensure a qualitative production of their fragrances.

Creed creates Les Royales Exclusives: An exclusive collection by its fragrance and its original bottle. Each perfume evokes a moment, takes us on a trip. The Creed fragrances invite us  in a dream and inspire our imagination.