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Costume National

Italian fashion house with edgy chic aesthetic.


The house was founded by creative director Ennio Capasa, in 1986. In 2002 he created his first SCENTS, a natural step to complete his style view. The perfumes reinterpret the noblest ingredients of perfumery to become the essence of CN man and woman. This results in seven structured and sensual fragrances, all unique and timeless creations with a refined and distinct character. 

DOMINIQUE ROPION - As a child, he could smell every movement and saw the world through odors. He demonstrated his talent soon and joined IFF Fine Fragrance team in 2000 in Paris. Further perfecting his already famous know how and his craftsman’s approach, he made his list of successes always longer. He affirms that a perfumer has to be a craftsman who loves the incessant encounter with so many different ingredients. 

SOUL is freedom and elegance and the brand choose pure Amber as the top ingredient, which for the founder Ennio Capasa is the only essence that combines the two elements:
Its natural colour as well reflects the beauty and oneness of warmth and emotion. “It’s the Essence and SOUL of Costume National.”