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Carrière Frères

Inspired by Botany, the Carrieres Brothers have imagined and created some beautifully nature fragrant candles centred around the theme of the "language of flowers". A fashionable trend taking us back from the Romantic period up to la Belle Epoque.


In 1884, in a time of great change and exciting new entreprises, the Carrieres Brothers inspired by the tradition and expertise of XVIII century candle makers et the modernity of the Industrial Revolution founded Carrieres Freres Industry. The visionnary duo is still famous and remembered to this day for inventing the Carrieres lamp, able to burn six hours in a row, without smoke whilst providing a continuous and reliable source of lighting. Their "de la Madeleine Candles" was also the winner of the gold medal at the Exposition Universelle (World's Fair) of 1889.

"There are some strange and ethereal nights where flowers seem to have a soul" these pure and beautiful words written by Albert Samain, perfectly represent the talent behind the Frere Carrere's nose. Natural scents and fragrances are truthfully represented in their utmost purity and sheer essence.

EMMANUEL PHILIP - From Grasse and son of a perfumer, he launched with his wife his own house perfumer: "PCA". He collaborates with Carrière Frères Industrie, Cire Trudon, David Mallet Le Salon, and many others.