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Calé Fragranze d'Autore

"The transformation of emotions and memories into unique, sophisticated and original perfume"


Calé Fragranze d’Autore is a collection of fragrances created in Italy in 2008 and dedicated to those who love listening to perfumes, able to conquer with their stories. Impassioned brain behind the brand and irrepressible admirer of everything to do with perfumery, Silvio Levi guides master perfumers in giving olfactive shape to his words.

Maurizio Cerizza: “I love to create new olfactory concepts by thinking of unprecedented combinations in the most disparate times and places…..What may appear far-fetched, exaggerated and impossible can exactly produce what we are aiming for: balance and harmony… I work since 35 years in the world of perfume but creating with Silvio, we started 15 years ago, is a unique experience.”

FULGOR - Deep in the heat of Death Valley the sky began to cloud over. A sense of imminent rain and electricity in the air. In a very few moments the desert was flooded. An extraordinary event awakened the desire to translate emotions into a fragrance. But that experience had left a two-fold mark on Silvio soul: one immediate and violent; the other more thoughtful and harmonic.