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"Perfume as a messenger to open a thoudan doors in the memory."


“A perfume must be at first a story long before being a beautiful olfactory harmony. A film director first writes the script and then begins the production…this is exactly how I went about developing each perfume.” Kilian. Contrary to many of the competitors who name their perfumes based on one main ingredient, Kilian chose to do something totally different. He chose to name each perfume with both a “title” and a “sub-title”, expressing the notion that each scent is the beginning of a real story, one that has yet to be told. More complex, yet adding a great deal of depth to each particular scent.

Heir to a long line of cognac makers that were pioneers in luxury, grandson of the founder of the LVMH group, Kilian decided to take up the torch of family tradition. Kilian Hennessy trained with the greatest noses in perfumery (Alberto Morillas, Jacques Cavallier, Thierry Wasser and especially Calice Becker) and worked for the great perfume Houses such as Dior, McQueen and Armani. In 2007 he launched his own brand with a collection that not only reflects his personality, yet also achieves a perfect alliance between elegance and uncompromising luxury.

MOONLIGHT IN HEAVEN - Names can be deceiving, this exotic perfume was made to seduce during those never ending nights under the pale moonlight.