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Bloom & Blossom

Minimum ingredients = maximum results, is the simple philosophy behind Bloom and Blossom.


Minimum ingredients = Maximum results, is the simple philosophy behind Bloom and Blossom. Our stylish range of solution focused maternity products is made from only the finest natural botanicals, using the highest levels of active ingredients to deliver exceptional results. Our active ingredient inclusion levels are 5-10%, making these solution focused products some of the most effective on the market. Perfect for every stage of pregnancy and motherhood.


Bloom and Blossom is a privately owned British beauty brand created by sister-in-law’s Julia Yule and Christina Moss. The company was created to meet growing demand. Research showed that women were looking for a skincare brand that was completely natural and safe to use, but that also delivered the same exceptional results as premium non-maternity beauty brands. They wanted products that were luxurious, solution focused, stylish, elegant and competitively priced - Bloom and Blossom was born.