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Birch & Brook

"The Experience of Scent"


Handcrafted in England, Birch & Brook candles are made with 100% natural wax, with the utmost care, so that each of them has a story to share. Reviving the simple daily pleasures with a perfume, accompany our days to carry us in a timeless moment, Brich & Brook re-invents for us the tranquility of the present moment.

Founder Jessica Jones studied graphic arts and has an MA in printmaking. Hailing from Suffolk, England, her countryside upbringing has a strong influence on Birch & Brook’s ethos, as does her stylist’s eye. Having lived in London for the past 12 years, Jessica set out to summon the bucolic and Arcadian in her scents. Deeply inspired by the quintessentially English glamour of the twenties and thirties, she seeks to create the gentle atmosphere of a time when the pace of life was slower, the fun both innocent and wild and anything possible.

Birch & Brook create quality natural candles with fragrances of uncommon depth and complexity. The inspiration for our collection is literary, historical and distinctly English. Shot through with a generous dose of nostalgia, each candle is a conduit for the ethereal, allowing those magical stolen moments to flood the senses once more.

FESTIVAL and DRESSING ROOM - Birch & Brook, the house with an English smell is coming back to us with two new creations. Jessica Jones, still in love with the charm and poetry made in Albion, creates two new delicate and feminine fragrances.