VOLCANIC EXFOLIATOR, for soft and glowing skin /

BIOEFFECT VOLCANIC EXFOLIATOR is a cleansing face exfoliator containing Icelandic lava microcrystals that cleanse deeply and smooth the skin, leaving it soft and glowing.

The use of BIOEFFECT VOLCANIC EXFOLIATOR promotes the penetration and action of the EGF cell activator contained in EGF BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM and the entire BIOEFFECT care range. Exfoliating fine particles gently remove dry and dead cells from the surface of the skin.
BIOEFFECT VOLCANIC EXFOLIATIVE is for men and women looking for a mild and sophisticated face scrub. It is particularly suitable for BIOEFFECT fans, preparing the skin for the application of other BIOEFFECT products.

The lava microcrystals contained in BIOEFFECT VOLCANIC EXFOLIATOR originate from an ancient lava field on the Icelandic volcanic peninsula of Reykjanes. BIOEFFECT VOLCANIC EXFOLIATOR also contains particles of apricot kernel and salicylic acid to create an optimal exfoliating experience.
All the choices of BIOEFFECT, in terms of ingredients, mode of production and development, are carried out in respect of ecology, the environment and natural resources. The VOLCANIC EXFOLIATOR contains no nanoparticles, often present in exfoliators, because of their ability to penetrate and accumulate in organisms.

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