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Atelier PMP

Finely-tuned rejections of superficiality


Created in 2013 by Stefanie Mayr, a fashion designer, and Daniel Plettenberg, philosopher and brand creator, Atelier PMP launches in 2013 its first perfume "Dreckig bleiben" in collaboration with Mark Buxton. The Idea: designing a perfume as an art project: they wanted to inspire other Creatives and hoped that some people who would love the perfume as much as they do. 

Stefanie Mayr has her background in the Hamburg Punk scene, lived in squatted trailers and had "Dreckig bleiben" sprayed on her own trailer for many years.  Stefanie's motto: "stay as real as you are, and not to bend yourself". Daniel Plettenberg is a creative with a quite diverse career like journalist, DJ, worked for a record label and created his own brand consultancy in 2001. Both met by chance: When Stefanie and Daniel met in her fashion store, creativity sparked and they tried to think about projects. One of the very unrealistic ones was to create a perfume. The idea started around the name "Dreckig bleiben" (stay dirty). The presentation of that idea was so convincing that Perfume legend Mark Buxton was on board immediately.

Atelier PMP aims to create perfume concepts that mirror the new, the real, the authentic movements and changes in society and adresses the people who believe in these new values: "With our scents, we want to celebrate the authenticity of each single character in this world, each human being in its diversity. Each perfume is a rejection of superficiality !".