Colonia Ebano, an ode to Italian craftsmanship /

Rhythm of metropolis, speed, lights, din. By sinking into the alleys of an old district, everything becomes calmer and more intimate. On a trip to Milan, one can find remote and silent spaces. Workshops that, for centuries, have been cultivating the very refined craftsmanship of the cabinetmaker. A virtuosity that you smell in the perfume of beeswax with which the cabinetmaker caress the wood until it shines. Subtle and penetrating aromas of ebony wood and other precious woods that are skillfully inlaid together. Sensory atmospheres that tell of masterpieces of Italian art and craftsmanship. Travel notes enclosed in Colonia Ebano.

A sophisticated and original fragrance, born of the unprecedented union of two olfactory themes endowed with a great personality: the notes of citrus of Colonia are combined with the woody and spicy notes of the ebony.
This composition opens with fresh notes of small grain and bergamot and evolves towards an intense heart with the creamy and warm aromas of ebony and elemi oil, sublimated by spicy accents of pink pepper. In the background, the woody and aromatic notes of vetiver and patchouli blend with the warm scents of honey, revealing the unique and modern personality of this new concentrated cologne.

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