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Acqua Di Parma

"The quintessence of elegance and Italian style"


The history of Acqua di Parma begins in 1916 in a small craft workshop, where master perfumers steeped in talent developed from natural essences a surprisingly fresh fragrance, elegant and refined, imposing a total break with the opulent and heady scents of the era. Acqua di Parma Colonia first successes in the salons of the hottest fashion shows of the moment. The designers began to offer Colonia "ultimate touch of elegance", which they scented the toilets of the most distinguished clients before they deliver.

ROSA NOBILE - A tribute to the Rose Garden of the Venaria Reale in Turin and the beautiful rose gardens of the Realede Monza ‘s villa. We all know the rose scent, but this one contains within itself the racy waves of femininity. The rose is a centifolia, Italian from the green bite of its rod to the deep rose of its petals. It grows in a small rose garden in Piedmont where delicate hands come gather at sunrise, between May and June, when they reached the peak of flavor intensity.